Etor Footwear

ETOR footwear made its humble beginning in the late 1980's. Etor footwear starts footwear production in the basement of a small building. A few years down the line,whit commitment,quality,consistency and growth, they have been able to turn this small enterprise intro a giant manufacturing facility that has a web-enabled showroom-warehouse for our prestigious clients located all over the word.

Etor footwear has several brands. Some of these are Etor, NTO, No reinder,Filamento,Etox and Picota. These brand names are now a benchmark for other companies in the footwear market.

Young and dynamic,the Etor Family exports its products to Russia , Germany,Romania,U.A.E.,Denmark,Finland,Ukrainia,Greece,Syria,Kazakhistan,Kirghizistan,Israel,USA and England to name a few. We have dedicated 100% of our production to the growing export market and are one of the few footwear companies in the words to start footwear franchising beyond homeland territories.

We are happy that the Wtor Family

Gives job-opportunities and employment to over 250 employees.
Runs a production capacity of 3000 pairs a day.
Is an active member of The IStanbul Chamber of Commerce
Has s customer satisfaction rate of 100% i.e. zero defects.
Has the local quality cerificate of the some countries that we export and has the
ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certificate.

Our promise to bring our customers the finest quality of merchandise at the right price is reflected in our staunch TQM principles. Today,we emerge as a global player with a dedication that is boundaryless and a support from our clients that have constantly trusted in our abilities.