ETOR all members of the family, the importance of customer satisfaction and know very well, '' Our best customer is our most demanding customers. '' Defends the philosophy. Therefore, all the products from the production line goes through stringent quality checks before they reach customers.

Quality is a way of life for ETORCU. Therefore, our company, we export some countries local quality certificates and ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system in accordance with its production.

Family of meat; believes that the quality of only the limited product. Therefore; quality management and business ethics as a whole to see - Marketing, Research & Development Production line - each section is implementing with determination. The meat family's ability to compete; It is hidden in business planning strategy. Whether Kohenag'ta in a small shop, whether the same smiling faces major wholesalers us in Moscow, finds interest and concern.

Technology and production process, is updated according to customer requirements and market trends. Another reason for the family's meat is not successful, it is DNAT için.çalış those with full authority to resolve any problems in the manufacturing process.
Another reason for the family's meat is justifiably proud of fashion line, and the day is already anticipate capabilities. All seasons unique to their customers, and to offer new products that are not ordinary. Another important element in coming to this step is the superior management coordination and management strategies.

Watch Family of power it gets from you 'to every home in the world a couple ETOR' philosophy, without compromising quality, targeted the hatch has grown each year.